Sad Poetry in Urdu | Broken Heart Poetry Shayari SMS Pics

Sad Poetry is the essence of words. It also helps broken hearts to share their feelings and emotions, and partaking in the inner voice is one of the most critical and complicated things. If you cannot utter your sensational and addictive words before anyone, poetry plays its essential role.

Wordicted presents a series of top best 10 sad quotes in a very friendly and sharable format. If you feel lonely, unhappy, depressed, or downhearted, you are at the right place. The recipe of sick souls is the combination of alphabets and the texture of wordicted sad Urdu 2 line poetry and sad poetry in English 2 line. 

Top 10 Sad Poetry & Quotes

The difference in time can also impact your expression of feelings like sad poetry, heart touching, and sad night poetry helps many of us to feel better and happy.

The following is the best sad collection of poetry and quotes presented by wordicted for you. For more Sad collection of poetry.

Sad Poetry in Urdu | Broken Heart Poetry Shayari SMS Pics

"Main tery bad kisi or ka hova hi nai

meri pasand ka koi or shaksh ta hi nai.......:( "

sad poetry in urdu 2 lines about life

"main ney hazar bar dil main jaga di
magar kam zaraf aasteen sy agy na barh saka.....!"

very sad poetry in urdu images

"main tery milny ko mujza kah rha ta lakin

tery bicharny ka saniha bi kamal guzra...." 

sad poetry sms in urdu

"khob hey shoq ka yh pahlo be

main be barbad ho gya tw be....!"

heart touching sad poetry in urdu

"tum ko jahn shoq-e-tamana main kya milna

hum be mily tw darhm-o-bahram mily"

sad poetry in urdu 2 lines sms

"tum koi bat ku ni krty 

pher koi bat ho gae hy kya...!"

sad poetry in urdu 2 lines without images

"jany kya waqia hey hony ko

je bht cahata hy rony ko....!"

urdu sad poetry sms in urdu writing

"itny kahmosh hongy hum

key chenkh uto gey tum....!

best sad poetry in urdu

"jin key dil naram hoty hn zindagi in key sath

utna hi shakti sey peesh ati hey....!"

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